Saturday, November 24, 2012

Last year I made the girls a book about their dogs and a quilt with their dogs names on it.  I had so much fun collecting the pictures and putting them on Snapfish and making the hardback book.  Yes it's a real book:)  The children couldn't put the books down, I bet they read it 5 times before they opened the rest of their presents. I even took them to school before I gave it to them and read it to my classroom.  The children thought it was so cool and they call me an Author, how cool is that!!


  1. Such a great idea! I'm sure they'll treasure both the quilts and the books forever!

  2. Hi, Kathy. I see you have the holiday spirit over here! And what a marvelous idea for Christmas gifts, personalized books. I've gotta remember that for my grandkids.
    Have a happy holiday season with lots of stitching!
    best, nadia

  3. It doesn't get any better than gifts made from the heart!