Monday, August 20, 2012

I have finished with most of my Memorial Garden that I was making for the memory of Mom.  I put a lot of her favorite items in it along with favorites from MIL, FIL and SisterIL who have passed.  I had to show you my beautiful ferns of course in the picture there are only 2 but I bought 4 on sale for $3.00 each:) I'm working on the girls old playhouse and another yard area. I hope next week that I'll put something on here that I have sewn and if not I'll show you some neat yard art I'm making out of teapots,dishes and vases.  I just need a day when it's not raining.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is my first try at putting pictures on a quilt and I don't think I did so great, good enough for Andy but not for me.  I'm trying it again with baby pictures of the girls with my Mama.  I thought that might be a great Christmas gift if I can get it done.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what type of material this does best on? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have been working in the yard for the last few days as my husband had to mow and we had to kill the grass for our memorial area.  Now we have pulled up all the dead grass and weeds and the mulch will be arriving Thurs.  Then I can put out my items I have bought and some I have painted and others I have taken away as I just didn't like it.  When we finish I'll put up pictures but we still have a lot to go.  I also have to clean the house and get my clothes washed and put up since all I did was bring them in from the beach and put them in the empty bedroom until I tackled the washing and ironing task to get ready to go back to school Mon. Just to much I want to get done including redoing the girls old playhouse.  I'll get started on my sewing and crafts hopefully in another week.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have started doing my memorial gardens so here's what I have so far.  I'm just putting things around where I think I want them then to  prepared the yard and put in the mulch.  I've gotten mulch that is dark brown with bits and pieces in it.  I love my Angel and bushes along with several items that belong to my Mother In Law and I bought a white poodle in which my Sister In Law loved when she was living had a poodle called Fancy White.  I have some old farm equipment that's going out there also.  We had a pool in the back yard that a hurricane brought a tree down over it and I'm going to fix that area.  I'm also making my children's playhouse as they are 28 and 31 into a nice house area to put potting stuff.  Can't wait to make it look like a cottage:)  Today 1 year ago my Mom was buried  so tomorrow will no more first.  These first of everything has been hard.  ALSO the bottom picture we have taken things out and sprayed weed killer on and plastic will go down to do my planting in as I bought some really great stuff that will come back every year.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ok, I visted a place called Flea Body's Dog Pound and picked up the barn bird house that needed some attention.   I had to glue and do some nailing but I'm happy with the end results.  The wreath is a work in progress as I saw a sewing wreath that showed some antique items.  I have some more to do!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This week has been a rough week as Aug. 2nd my Mama would have turned 74.  My Mother Nell De'Vonn Sanders died Aug. 10th of last year which will be a year this Friday. Mom enjoyed feeding the Seagulls at Southport so I'm heading down there Friday so I can feed the Seagulls for her.  Cherish your love ones and life.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My two daughters each gave quilts to 3 people having baby showers this week. As I put my card on the items they came to my blog and I really didn't have many items listed here. The people asked to see what items I had for sale therefore I put some of my items on here to let them see.  I'm going to put my items in my Esty account as soon as I have time to sit down and list them all. Thank you to the girls who loved the quilts and I have more quilts that I don't have listed and I'll be glad to give pictures of them to the girls.  Lynn I'll be glad to embroider your Grand-daughters name on the quilt for you:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Little girls outfit is made out of Vintage Pillowcases and it's a size 2-3 and it's on sale for $35.
The doggie star quilt is almost finished and will be 38x44 crib size has a dog backing and is selling for $40.
Cricut  covers $15.00.

The pink and green quilt is 38x50 and is a crib size quilt the back is pink with dark pink rose buds like the border and it's $30.

The boys quilt and pillow is a really cool quilt as it's 52x44 and has a road that he can run cars and trucks on:) This quilt set is $40.

Tooth Fairy Pillows are $5.00 each.  They have a pocket in the front to put the tooth in and then money in afterwards:)  
These are I Spy Quilts which are learning quilts and your child will grow with them.  You start out by I spy colors, then number of things, shapes, items and so on.  Later you can go to I Spy something that flies, eats nuts, lays eggs. Then you do the I Spy about their habit.  Then my favorite you say go down four and over three and make a story about what you see:)  I love their little stories and each time they come up with something different.  The quilts are usually 4in squares and they are 42 different squares. the quilts are 28x32.  I do have one that has larger squares for older children and it has 25 squares and measures 31x36.  The quilts are on sale at this time for $30.00(then will go back to $35) and I'll embroidery their name on the quilt which is a small embroidery for $5.00 more.

The top dress is made from a Vintage Chenille Bedspread and I made it by a size 6 pattern.  I used a vintage hand towel that had been embroidery for the bodice part.  I'm selling this dress for $40.
 The next pillowcase dress I made from a skirt as I loved the embroidered flowered bottom.  The size on this could range from a tall 5 to a 7 just according how tall or how long you wanted the dress to be.  It would fit for a while.  It  has beautiful pleats at the top with a zipper in the back and is $30.

All but the top are Vintage Pillowcase Dresses which I'm selling for   $15 each.  

Tutu's and onesie are $20.00.  You have a choice of a onesie in size 9-12 or 12-18 months in white, pink or blue.  The tutu's come in lt. pink, dark pink, white, cream or red.  The pacifier holder is a big beautiful flower with beads and a hook to hold the pacifier is $10 with pacifier. One is a hook that hooks on the hole of the paci and the other goes around the ring and hooks together.  The headbands are $5.00.I have several other colors of paci holders and headbands.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yes I own part of the Green Bay Packers:)  I'm going to the meeting next year when my SIL who is in Korea and my daughter can go as they also own Shares.  I've been a fan for 38 years and was able to become part of them this year. So I am a NFL Green Bay Packers team part owner, I just love saying it, sorry. You have to show all kind of ID tickets are non transferable.                  Bucket List #1 complete!!!