Friday, August 3, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillows are $5.00 each.  They have a pocket in the front to put the tooth in and then money in afterwards:)  
These are I Spy Quilts which are learning quilts and your child will grow with them.  You start out by I spy colors, then number of things, shapes, items and so on.  Later you can go to I Spy something that flies, eats nuts, lays eggs. Then you do the I Spy about their habit.  Then my favorite you say go down four and over three and make a story about what you see:)  I love their little stories and each time they come up with something different.  The quilts are usually 4in squares and they are 42 different squares. the quilts are 28x32.  I do have one that has larger squares for older children and it has 25 squares and measures 31x36.  The quilts are on sale at this time for $30.00(then will go back to $35) and I'll embroidery their name on the quilt which is a small embroidery for $5.00 more.


  1. Do you have an Etsy shop? =D

  2. I have one but haven't listed anything since Dec. I guess I need to get back on there. They keep sending me emails:)

  3. These are cute and a great idea.