Tuesday, July 31, 2012

These are a few more pictures of my fishing trip:)  We got in the water right before sunrise and it was beautiful.  I caught around 25 fish including a black drum, red drum, puffer, pin, spot, whiting, and something we weren't sure what it was.  I had the best 3 days and I thank my daughters boyfriend Andy for taking me out and I can't wait until we go again.  Even being in the tail of a tornado that we found out later with rain, lighting, wind, hail and waves in the waterway 3 to 5 feet and you couldn't see in front of you and two or so miles ahead of us to the landing dock..  Andy didn't have one bit of fear in him as he was calm and I kept calm.  I guess that's the Army in him and two years of being around me:)

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  1. Fishing *shudders* Glad to see you enjoying things none the less. Wow that weather sounds awful, however keep it there and stop sending it our way! =D