Friday, July 6, 2012

I just had to share my finds for the day on my way to the beach. The bottom baby set that I don't need but bought as it was new and only $2.00. The cream thing the lady said was her Christmas tree skirt and that it was Victorian and for a $1.00 I bought it.  The top picture is my finds at the Fancy Fllea.  For $22.00 I bought these neat wooden containers to put my craft and sewing items in at the Southport Craft Fair.  I also bought the small quilt for $3.00 to put inside the wooden crate.  I do have to do some work on the quilt. 


  1. Wow you always find such great things! I need to get me in on some of that loot! =D

  2. Very pretty Kathy, I get alot of good stuff around my hood in garage sales..and at the thrift stores..I love collecting vintage..