Monday, November 11, 2013

Well my surgery is over and after a 2 1/1 cut area for a small mole I think it's starting to heal:) I hope they got all they needed!! It's right on my waist line and I'm sure putting on clothes for the first time tomorrow is going to be hard.  Just been wearing gowns. On a bright note I found the sewing room again the first time since Dad got sick last Aug. a year ago and died in April.  I couldn't get out so I made my way to the sewing room and it feels great. I will be putting up more pictures of the wreaths and things I've been working on.  Saw Belks sale paper and my daughter went and picked up a bedspread I wanted and it's all white chennile.  That's what got me going as I cut up a shirt that didn't fit but loved the material and made a pillow.  Here it is!! Not chennile but I loved the yellow with the white which makes no sense because I'm doing that room white and pink.  Oh well!!

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  1. Lovely pillow against white, suits a bedroom so well, and the scarlet flower, great with the stripes. Take care, walk slowly, doesn't matter if all you wear is a loose gown, as long as you are inside!!! And I hope the surgery was successful. Fond greetings, Jean.