Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I've been making.

Well once again I'm at the beach for the summer.  I have finished up with several projects which the first is our sign.  I made the fence by myself with 21 boards and yes I had to start over a couple of times.  My Dad taught me to love tools and to make whatever I had in my mind.  I also took this boring brown chair to a white chair and bought a shirt which was the same colors as my bedroom and this is the way it turned out.  I love it.  I also have a few other projects going on that I will post later this week.  I'm happy to say I'm down from 3 to 1 pill a day for my nerves.  The memorial garden is helping with that.  I'll post pictures later.  Thanks to everyone who has hung in there with me through my Dad's sickness and death.  Blogger friends are great friends to have.


  1. Your sign looks great, very creative. I love your chair also.

  2. The chair is always going to be my favorite!!!!! Great job my friend, Faye

  3. LOVE your chair! Great job : )