Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been making more I Spy Quilts as a friend of mine wants some for gifts.  I have about 9 cut out and ready to sew but first I have to put together the puzzle of how I want them to look!  I had a friend to visit from the beach this weekend so I know this week I'm be sewing up a storm to catch up. I wouldn't have traded her visit for the world as we had so much fun..  Hope you've all had a productive weekend:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Won An Award


Thank you Dana Baker for awarding me this award:  Now I get to award 5 other people the Liebster Award and the awards go to:

1.  Robyn-- Mugwump Woolies
2.  Leah----L3 Designs
3.  Norma--Pink Bling Crafter
4.  Samatha-- Sami's Quits & Crafts
5.  Clare---Crafty Clares Creations

Five facts about me:  1) I grew up Quaker, now Baptist   2) I took dance for 13 years  3) I was in the Miss Moore County in 1974  4) I have a place at Holden's Beach 5) I am stockholder part owner of the Green Bay Packers:)
Congratulations to the winners-please visit their blogs!

Monday, March 12, 2012

If you would like to buy a Tooth Fairy Pillow, I Spy Bag or I Spy Quilt please leave a comment and I'll get back with you.  Thank you

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Haven't gotten as much done this week as I was wanted to:(  But I did make about 35 more Tooth Fairy Pillows.  I've started mailing them out now.  Tomorrow my husband will ship 2 to Florida to a friend from school, thanks Jan.  I started a new I spy quilt with 6 inch squares which is the first for me as all my I Spy has been 4 inch squares.  Dad and I went to the mountains to a family reunion and got there 2 hours early.  So with nothing else to do we first stopped at a yard sale and bought 12 kids patterns and about 7 yards or more of kids print material for $4.00.  I do love a yard sale!! Then went to thrift stores and bought 2 bags of poly pellets for $1.25 a bag and I've been paying $8.99 at Michael's. Also got several other great items that I can use with my crafts like a Scrabble game as I need the letters for a project:)  Well that's all for tonight. Take care!