Sunday, October 7, 2012

The top house is the most expensive house in Charleston SC at $11 million dollars. The picture on the bottom is one of the oldest Churches in Charleston and it's a little spooky the way the light hit it in this picture. We took a horse and carriage tour and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed my trip and as soon as I got home GIRLS I started sewing:) and crafting and I will share later!!


  1. I love Charleston, I went there for the second time August 2010 and I have longed to go back. I stayed at "Two Meeting Street Inn" I was told that it was worth $10 million dollars. I know you must have enjoyed your trip,love all the homes there. looking forward to your post.

  2. Yeah they said they bought it for 1 million and then did 10 million dollars worth of work on it WOW!!! Where is the Two Meeting Street Inn is it close to the Market Street? I love that place to shop in:)