Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday after school my husband and I left for our place at Holden's Beach.  I did some Thrift Store shopping, fishing and might I say I caught my first FLOUNDER:) cooked out with friends and made a few things. I made a BUNCH of Tooth Fairy Pillows as this will be my last batch for a while as I have other projects to catch up on.  All I need to do is to sew some of the sides up where I stuffed them just got to tired to do anything else besides REST!!!  NINE more days of school and then Beach here I come for the SUMMER:)


  1. Some very interesting prints! Funnily enough I have some Thomas fabric scraps =D

  2. Girl you know you can't mess with THOMAS:) I bet I've sold close to 100 of these as I sell them for $5.00 each.

  3. Cute tooth fairy pillows. And the summer at the BEACH!! that sounds lovely!

  4. Great idea for pillows! As for summer at the beach, rub it in! Just joined your blog - let's keep tabs on each other!

    1. I will be keeping tabs on you as I love you blog:)