Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Set of Vintage Pillowcases

I have several sets of Vintage Pillowcases and a few ideas of outfits that I want to make with them.  I started this outfit Sunday night and I can't quite decide which ribbon and lace I want to use.  So until I get my thoughts together this is where it sits!  I think I'll put the lace on top of the ruffled bell bottom to give it a little more vintage look.  I usually make Pillowcase Dresses but I wanted  to do something different.

I also wanted to show you 2 displays I have of vintage pieces.  The top is pieces that I found at the Cameron Antique Fair which is coming up the first weekend in May and then again the first weekend in Oct.  The second is an old quilted piece that I framed. I found the frame that had the extra little framed piece where I placed a quilting needle.


  1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for stopping by and entering my giveaway and for following! I love those cute vintage pillowcases! Hopefully, one day I'll have a granddaughter to make the cute little pillowcase dresses for! :)

  2. Anxious to see what you decide and share the finished pillowcase dress.